Our Story

Twisted R Design started as a small handmade home-based business that we have grown and re-imagined into something we never could have dreamed possible.  

Growing up in a creative family I learned to paint, knit, crochet and craft at a young age and always knew that I wanted to do something creative and independent and working from home was a dream come true.  As is so often the case, when you are making plans, life happens and you have to adjust the plan. The cabinet knobs I created by hand sold so well that I could no longer keep up on my own and I had to hire my first employee to help keep up with demand.  Three long and busy years, several new product  lines (yes, I get bored easily and always need a new challenge) and 10 employees later, including my wonderful husband and business partner, Gail, who had to give up his dream job managing a wildlife ranch to help us grow the company and we still couldn't keep up with the demand.

After months of research and samples and testing along came our first UV printer.  That first UV printer was such a learning experience, we knew the process was amazing and the results were phenomenal but we had so much to learn and in my typical fashion it was trial by fire, of course, so learn we did!! Ok, Gail learned every time I created a new product and he had to figure it out on the fly.

  Two years later and a chance meeting at a trade show with the CEO of  PDS Equipment and we were the proud owners of two new Mimaki UV Printers and well on our way to where we are now with the best UV printers in the industry backed by the best customer service anywhere by any company at any price so we have the dependability and the security to know we can get the job done large or small, on time and on budget and grow the company as large as we can image.

I still love to create and the Mimaki printers give us such a fabulous platform to create with.  We are able to keep up with the cabinet knob business, grow the decorative sign side of the business and offer our creative take on customized, personalized and one of a kind promotional and gift products for business large or small, as well as work for some local artists to give them a new outlet for their art and creative ways to showcase that art on new products.  

This year we are embarking on the next step in our journey with the addition of a VP of Sales and Marketing as well as a Production Czar (Hey, she chose her own title). Rodney, as our new VP of Sales brings a unique sales and marketing approach to our company and if he can do it all from the golf course more power to him.  Sylana as our new Production Czar will bring order to the chaos, she brings years of human resource and organizational experience to the table and she's my sister so she knew what she was in for when she agreed to take the job!!  This is a second (or more) career for all of us so it's about doing what makes us happy and doing it really well on our own terms.

We are so grateful to every customer who has purchased our products and especially the customers who come back time and time again.  We truly are living the American dream.