Floral Label Candle Holder Block Votive Holder

  • $20.00

Please note that each of our items is hand made and made to order.  there is currently a 7 day shipping time on all items with the exception of cabinet knobs.  Each item ordered from Twisted R Design is created in the order we receive the orders.

This candle block votive holder with a decoupage floral label. picture one shows one side and picture two shows the second side. this votive holder is cut from a solid block of wood with a hole drilled into the top for the glass votive holder to set into and the blocks have been stained with a Minwax stain English Chestnut. Each block measures 6" wide by 3.25" tall by 3.25" deep. The glass votive holder is included, the candles are not.

Each of our wood items is made to order from scratch here in out Central Texas shop and will ship within 7 days , with the exception of cabinet knobs.

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